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February 9, 2017 General Writing

Book Critique Writing: Play It Cool

Are you feeling stressed about that book critique assignment? No need to worry. Here are the steps to creating a book critique you can be proud of. What Is a Book Critique? A book critique is different from a book report, which
December 27, 2016 College

How to Write an Evaluation Essay

Do you ever read restaurant critiques or movie reviews? Of course, you do. These reviews are examples of evaluation essays. You might think that an evaluation essay does nothing more than express your opinion, but actually a good one is unbiased an
November 10, 2016 Education

Common Mistakes in College Paper Writing

Writing assignments for college credit take all different shapes and requirements—and of course, present a variety of stresses. Ultimately, though, a paper is a great opportunity to explore your own ideas and express independent conclusions. Even if
January 26, 2016 Essay Writing

Prewriting Techniques for Your Essay

There are different prewriting techniques to help you structure your research before begin to write an essay. Prewriting techniques will make your topic clear and prevent you from getting stuck. Obviously, your professor is expecting to see a well-organized
how to be passionate about writing
August 31, 2015 General Writing

How to Stay Passionate about Writing

Every writer hits a dead end now and then. Creativity is a quality that’s defined by peaks and valleys. Many famous writers have gone through dry periods of writer’s block where they felt their work was worthless. It’s not just fiction
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