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how to write powerful sentences
June 28, 2015 General Writing

The Art Of Writing Powerful Sentences

Whether you’re a fiction writer, a journalist or a web content writer, you want your sentences to capture people’s attention. And for that, you need to write powerful sentences that spark curiosity and drive them to continue reading. If
storytelling for fiction
June 14, 2015 General Writing

10 Storytelling Tricks For Fiction Writing

The difference between telling a story and storytelling is simple. Telling a story relates the facts to your reader, but storytelling makes a tale come alive. Below you’ll find 10 tricks to help you incorporate storytelling techniques into your writing
how to fight writer's block
May 23, 2015 General Writing

How To Fight Writer’s Block and Win

Writer’s block is an affliction that affects almost all writers at some point. I say “almost all” because I have to allow for some cyborgs from outer space posing as writers who never have writer’s block. For us humanoid writers, it jus
develop writing style
April 26, 2015 General Writing

Developing Your Writing Style

Sometimes, you can come across a piece of writing in a magazine or a book, and, without looking at the author’s name already know who wrote it. Who else but J.D. Salinger could write such agonizingly existential yet scorchingly judgmental phrases?
writing career myths
April 6, 2015 General Writing

Writing Career: Unvarnished

One of my favorite lines about writing comes from the lips of the sleazy American entertainment lawyer in Bertolucci’s bohemian film Stealing Beauty. Upon meeting the daughter of a famous poet, the lawyer muses, “I think it would be great to
how to become a successful writer
March 28, 2015 General Writing

How To Become a Successful Writer

How many people out there dream of becoming successful writers? How many of those people actually achieve that dream? And what separates one group from the other? There are many elements to becoming a successful writer. And talent, as Stephen King
how to become a faster writer
March 15, 2015 General Writing

7 Tricks To Make You a Faster Writer

In case there were any doubts, we live in the age of instant gratification. Everyone wants everything right now. There are hundreds of blogs out there on time management with tips on being more productive, on squeezing more out of your day.
how to write your first novel
March 9, 2015 General Writing

For Those Writing Their First Novel

Wow! Is this really the year you’re going to sit down and finally write your first novel? You’re all geared up, ready to rock ‘n roll, fingers poised over the keyboard waiting to channel your creative muse. There’s just one wee problem…
why writers start blogging
February 22, 2015 General Writing

Why Writers Start Blogging

There are over 200 million blogs on the internet. You could call blogging an explosion – everyone has one. Many writers have jumped on the bandwagon in recent years and fired up their own blogs. But why do people blog? What benefits
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