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May 24, 2024 College

How to Succeed in Intensive Summer Courses

Summer months are not only a time for relaxing and restoring your energy. It’s also the time that might be spent with benefits for your academic performance. For example, summer classes can be a fantastic way to accelerate your academic achievements,
a girl with the book
March 25, 2024 College

How to Survive Spring Midterm: Tips and Tactics

Midterms can hardly be named an easy time. Deadlines and tests, challenging assignments, and many other things that you should tackle. All of these can surely put you under stress, but how can one succeed through this challenging time? We have some
helping hand
February 8, 2024 College

Homework Overload: When and How to Seek Help

A lot of college students face the same difficulty in their academic way – homework overload. This is a pretty serious issue, as with the development of technology and teaching methods, the pressure becomes stronger. Nowadays, with the amount of information
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December 29, 2023 College

Mindful Resolutions for a Balanced College Life

The New Year approaches, which means that many of us will think of the resolutions and future plans. It’s a great opportunity to shape your future year, make the most out of your previous experience, and create new healthy habits. If you
a girl cutting turkey
November 22, 2023 College

Friendsgiving: How to Celebrate Thanksgiving on Campus

Thanksgiving is traditionally a family holiday that people spend with their loved and close ones. However, while you are away from your hometown, studying at college often means being on campus during Thanksgiving. That’s why many students opt for Friendsgiving
a tenant in a rented apartment
August 18, 2023 College

10 Steps First Time Renters Should Take

Renting your first apartment ever is a huge milestone and step that might cause some stress, and that’s not okay. If you decide to leave your home for college but are not going to live on campus, you have not left that
a library
June 20, 2023 College

Using College Resources Down to a T

College is a thrilling period full of new experiences and chances for personal and intellectual growth. It’s important to make use of the wonderful services offered on campus if you want to maximize the benefit of your college years. Let’s take
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