How to Write on Topic That You Are Bored With

a boy is writing word boring on a desk

In our previous blog post, we were listing the ways to make studying more interesting and fun. It contains a lot of great tips that you should definitely check out. However, there is also a large segment of studying that we decided to cover in a separate post – how to write an essay on a boring topic as we wanted to make material detailed and focused.

So, we are 100% sure that you faced the problem of a boring assignment topic at least once throughout your academic career. It must be a true miracle – to never get an assignment that is out of our circle of interests. We all have different likings, and we are all into different subjects and topics, that’s why it’s not surprising that sometimes you look at the task and think, “This topic is so boring, I can’t even.”

Once you can’t avoid completing a task that doesn’t resonate with you and seems to be unbearably dull, what you should do is to change your approach. There is nothing impossible, and we believe that we can ease your life a little bit by helping you overcome boredom when you are writing another essay. Here are a few tips from us.

Ask for Help

The first idea that comes to mind when you get a boring assignment is to skip doing it. And you would likely have gotten zero if you would not have known about our team of talented writers. But you can just ask our team for help and avoid failing the task.

We are not afraid of boring topics. Moreover, we have so many writers that it’s not a problem to find one who has a great understanding of the subject and has an interest in it. If you are not willing to cope with difficulties that might occur in the process of writing an essay or a research paper, or any other type of written assignment, you can simply ask us to help you, and we will gladly do so.

Find Interest

Any topic, even the most boring one, can teach you something new. What you can do to be more enthusiastic about the topic of an essay that you are working with is to find some interesting or unexpected facts.

Usually, you are not supposed to use Wikipedia when writing your essays, but this is a different case. Wikipedia pages can contain a lot of interesting information, references, links to connected topics that can really amaze and surprise you.

Try to look for a grain of entertainment which we believe can be found everywhere. Are you writing an essay about the molecular biology of cells? Did you know that the majority of elements that your body consists of were actually formed in stars, which makes you more or less… stardust? Amazing, right?

And you can find much more interesting facts that will help you at least make it through the task.

Start with the Body of Your Essay

Sometimes, it’s really hard to start your essay with an introduction part. What makes the process a little easier is to work on the body part first. Just start piling ideas, facts, and sentences that come to your mind into one big portion of text. Then work it through and create a logical flow to tie everything together.

Once you have a body part completed, you can work on your introduction and thesis statement. At this point, it will be much easier to phrase your ideas and create a decent thesis statement than when you work on it from the very start.

Use Quotes

Whenever you are afraid that you can’t say things as good as you want, use quotes. They are a perfect way to add some credibility, argumentation, and power to your own words. Don’t overuse them, though, as quotes are tricky when it comes to the question “how many quotes per essay should I use?” We suggest that one quote per page is enough.

Also, don’t forget that you should follow citation rules when you use quotes. It’s a powerful way to ease your life when you are working on a boring topic, as quotes fill your work with already formed and perfectly phrased ideas. It also saves you much time because quotes help you meet the word count faster. However, they add some pain at the same time because you need to remember all the requirements regarding citation.

Start with a Few Sentences

The more boring the topic is, the more common the case of writer block is. That’s why starting your essay might be harder for you in this case. As it was said earlier, you should definitely start with the body paragraphs. However, one more trick is to start with a sentence for each body paragraph and work your way through by elaborating your idea.

For example, you can create an outline by writing the main and original sentences for each of the paragraphs that you will later need to expand into a completed thought or idea. It might not be the final version of the sentence, but it should give at least some base for your future work. It’s easier than starting with a blank page and also lets you jump from one paragraph to another while you are working and avoid sticking with one point. Once you understand that you have nothing to add, you can switch to another point and come back to finish your thought later and add some details or supporting facts.

Wrapping Up

Writing might be tricky to you, but writing on a boring topic is a true challenge. Use our easy tips, or just let us do your assignment for you. We are here to ease your academic life. Good luck!