Homework Overload: When and How to Seek Help

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A lot of college students face the same difficulty in their academic way – homework overload. This is a pretty serious issue, as with the development of technology and teaching methods, the pressure becomes stronger. Nowadays, with the amount of information an average student consumes, the overload might result in serious mental and physical health problems. It’s important to understand the point that requires you to seek for help and additional resources. This is what the following blog post will be about as some of the tips might help you a lot in managing homework overload in college.

Understanding the Issue

Any overload is bad for our health. Working long shifts, working out in a gym too much, studying for too long – all these things have a significant negative effect on both our bodies and our brains. When you face a giant amount of various assignments waiting for you on top of daily tasks and the overall pressure of tests and intense classes, you might feel overwhelmed and disturbed.

That is what happens to many students nowadays. The excessive pressure from society, parents, professors, and ourselves makes it harder to focus and prioritize – which are the main things that everyone should do when they need to overcome a challenging task.

So, do modern students have more homework than previous generations? It’s hard to tell, mainly because the numbers are pretty vague. The amount of time you spend on researching material for your essay nowadays takes significantly less time when you have a computer in your hand. But do you have more requirements and a larger word count to meet? In any case, it’s better to learn how to solve the issue that is now important to this generation rather than focus on who had it worse.

Eventually, researchers agree that homework overload negatively affects other spheres of life among college students, including family relations, work-life balance, stress management abilities, etc. In order to avoid burnout, you should know how to take this issue under control and make your college life easier and more enjoyable.

Important Signs

When the volume of homework and its complexity becomes an issue, you might face some signs that would tell you that it’s time to change something in your study routine. Here are a few of them:

  1. Feeling overwhelmed and anxious. When the feeling of anxiety becomes a background emotion, and you know it is tied to your homework load, it’s a bad sign. Surely, having some assignments waiting for you might make you feel stressed, but being constantly in this state is very bad.
  2. Struggling to meet deadlines in spite of putting in effort. Being a last-minute person and missing your deadlines is not that serious. However, when it becomes a repetitive situation, and you know you did what you could, it means that something is really wrong with your academic load.
  3. Sacrificing sleep, social activities, and self-care. Good sleep is a basic and very needed part of your life that should never be sacrificed, especially on a daily basis. When you find yourself sleeping too little or even pulling all-nighters, it means that your daily routine is not effective enough and needs changes. Or it means that you need some help with your studies as you are making things worse.
  4. Feeling physically or mentally exhausted. There will surely be peaks of exhaustion throughout the college years, especially with finals coming up. But in general, you should be pretty okay with the amount of homework you need to deal with. Otherwise, it is time to make a change in your life.

If you face any of these signs, you should seek help and look for additional resources on campus that you can utilize to your benefit.

Why Seeking Help Is Important

Many students hesitate to seek help when being overwhelmed with studies. The fear of judgment and lack of understanding of all the possible options make them struggle on their own. Which often results in burnout and even dropping out of college.

Here are a few benefits of seeking help with your homework:

  • Gaining clarity. Seeking help might allow you to clarify concepts that were too complex and unclear to you. For example, you can turn to a professor for some explanation of the lecture material.
  • Improving performance. Getting assistance and valuable advice from peers, professors, or advisors might positively affect your performance and improve your grades significantly.
  • Reducing stress. When you are stressed about a problem, you might feel a lot better by simply talking to someone about it. The same applies to the homework overload issue – you can reduce stress from it by addressing the problem during communication with others.
  • Building resilience. Asking for help might be viewed as an actual skill that not everyone possesses. It actually allows you to improve resilience and adaptability, be more flexible, and be less intimidated by challenging tasks.

Kinds of Help You Can Receive

When it comes to help and assistance, there sure can be various options. For example, some of the on-campus options might include:

  • Academic advising. Almost every college has an academic advisor who can help you navigate your classes, homework, and overall college journey. For example, you can turn to them when you need to pick the courses for the next semester or talk about the graduation requirements for a particular career choice.
  • Writing center assistance. Writing centers on campus provide assistance with written academic assignments. They can help you brainstorm, outline, format, and edit your piece. Though not every college has a writing center, they are still very popular among students.
  • Study groups. Studying in a group of your peers can be very effective in terms of motivation and understanding material. For example, many students who attend group study sessions admit that it is less likely they would procrastinate and miss the deadline. They also like that they can receive advice and explanations of the material from their peers.
  • Counseling services. Having too many academic tasks to deal with might affect your mental health. In this case, turning to an on-campus counselor is a great option, as you can get mental support and valuable advice.
  • Online resources. Many colleges provide students with online materials that can come in handy. For example, online libraries and additional lecture materials can make a difference if you need some extra info.

Other Help Options

Campus is not the only place where you can get help in case of homework overload. For example, pay attention to the following options:

  • Subject-specific tutoring. Finding a tutor nowadays is not that hard. There are tutoring centers, or find tutors online who you don’t even need to meet with to get consultations – you can meet online. Some tutors are very skilled and can provide great services, explaining the material and helping you with solving math problems. You can surely improve your academic performance with their help and relieve stress caused by complex concepts.
  • Essay writing help. In case you need some extra help with your written assignments, you can get it from a team of professional academic writers. You surely might not have enough time to complete all of your homework tasks, or you might not have the skills – that is not a problem anymore. You can now entrust an essay writing team with your essay and have it done within the deadline term. This is a perfect option for challenging tasks that require a lot of time or for the ones that you would rather skip to focus on something else.
  • Workshops and seminars. You might be surprised by the amount of important and actually helpful info that you can get from local workshops and seminars. By improving your skills and learning something new, you can surely make homework less stressful.


Homework can surely cause a lot of stress. But there are ways to make it easier for your mental health. Be sure to ask for help or use additional resources in case you feel overwhelmed. Don’t put your stress issues aside, as they might result in serious problems, including burnout, that are hard to cope with.

We hope that you will receive the help you need and hope that you will find the tips above useful. Good luck with your homework, and don’t forget that we are here to help you.