How to Survive Spring Midterm: Tips and Tactics

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Midterms can hardly be named an easy time. Deadlines and tests, challenging assignments, and many other things that you should tackle. All of these can surely put you under stress, but how can one succeed through this challenging time? We have some useful valuable tips and tricks for you on how to make spring midterm less stressful but more productive. Keep reading to learn more.

Maintain Your Routine Unchanged

If you have a set daily routine for the majority of your semester, maintaining it the same during midterms is crucial. But why? That is because it’s easier for us to move on with our studies or challenging work and tasks when we have a well-known and familiar daily schedule. The less unknown or unpredictable we experience during the day, the calmer we can stay.

The majority of students make the same mistake when the time for tests and important assignments comes – they start to pull all-nighters, skip meals, or get up very early to catch up on their studies. This makes it harder for the nervous system to fight stress and keep high productivity.

Sleeping well and maintaining the same schedule, even when it seems that a few more hours will help a lot, is much more effective and will make more of a difference in the long run. Also, having the same regular meals that you are used to will help you regulate your stress level and feel more comfortable and confident.

Set Boundaries

It can be surprising, but setting boundaries while preparing for tests can be even more effective than having exhausting, long study sessions. Creating small deadlines for yourself, for example, to complete the next chapter or to write an outline for an essay, is a very effective way to avoid burnout and improve your productivity during midterm. But how does it work? When setting a deadline, you create a goal that you are striving to achieve. A goal of completing a task in a set amount of time can help you avoid procrastination, which leads to higher productivity, and also will help you maintain high motivation as you can reward yourself for completing the task on time.

Another great example of boundaries is maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Studying for a long time can lead to burnout and can also negatively affect your productivity, for example, by reducing your focus time. Set yourself a study schedule that has hours dedicated to studying and hours dedicated to fun and socializing. This way, you will keep your life vibrant and interesting without being too overloaded with studies. For example, you can set a deadline to complete all of your studies by 9 pm and the rest of the night spend on self-care or having fun with your friends. This limit will help you avoid procrastination and might cheer you up as you can clearly see the reward for your hard work.

Or you can establish a designated time for non-work. It might be a few hours during the weekend that you know you will surely spend resting or doing something you love, for example, your hobby. These established hours should be considered reserved for fun and not studying. You will surely await this time, and it will be your fair-earned reward.

Use Additional Help

If you need some assistance with your studies or with your studies schedule, you can surely ask for help. It can be, for example, a study buddy or a friend who is responsible for keeping you productive. This will be extremely helpful when you need an extra push with your studies. Make sure your friend calls you or texts you so you don’t miss your classes. Or you can pick someone who will call you and ask what you’re doing from time to time. Feeling accountable and needing to report to such a person will help you keep your motivation up and productivity high.

Another type of help that you can receive is mental health from your college counselor. Be sure to visit them and talk about your emotions and worries. Talking to someone who knows how stressful college might be is crucial and helps with anxiety. If you don’t have a college counselor on campus, you can find a mental health professional online and have Zoom calls to receive support.

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Be Active

When you have tests and essays deadlines coming up, you can surely feel overwhelmed. That is why it’s very important to keep yourself involved in other things, for example, sports or social life. Your community can be one of the spheres that you might contribute to. Making a difference feels great and thus can help you keep going with other important tasks like studying.

Another great thing that you can do to help you with relieving stress is to be active in terms of sports. Physical health and mental health are connected. This means that, for example, by having a little jog, you can improve your mood, while by staying active during the midterm, you can relieve stress. Walking in fresh air, morning runs, workouts, and other physical activities can help you feel much better and even improve your concentration.

Remember Your Goals

Motivation is often underestimated and rarely comes to mind as something that you should not only remind yourself of but also actively work on it. However, it is true that motivation requires effort and time. Especially during midterm.

If you struggle with keeping your motivation high, you can try the following things:

  • Stay focused on the present. Yes, it might be strange to think not of your future self in the distance but about the current moment; however, it works. Concentrate on the present day, on here and now, on your current self. This is the day you live in, and these are the tasks you tackle. Don’t get carried away by the worries about the future.
  • Remember your progress. You went a long road to be where you are now. There were obstacles that you overcame, and there were emotions that you lived. Remind yourself of what you have achieved and what effort you took. Appreciate the past and your progress to this point.
  • Celebrate small victories and milestones. Each paragraph that you have completed deserves to be celebrated. Even such small goals are important for your final and big goal.
  • Reward yourself. You choose what your reward will be. An ice-cream? An episode of your favorite show? Pick what you like and treat yourself to keep on.

It’s crucial to remember what you have as your big goal. You deserve to succeed in your journey and get to the final point – your graduation. It might be tempting to quit and just move on with your life, pick something else, or simply give up. But having your progress in mind, it’s wiser to carry on and overcome difficulties.