Studying Esports: Scholarships and Degree Programs for Students

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The world of esports is now not the same as it used to be even a few years ago. It is constantly changing and developing, growing from a niche that used to be sort of a subculture. Now, it is a worldwide phenomenon with millions of people involved in the development, distribution, testing, and playing. Esports are gaining recognition as an actual career, meaning colleges establish scholarships and programs to satisfy the demand and teach the next generation of esports professionals. If being a part of this perspective niche is your thing, keep reading this blog post, as we are going to list some great scholarships, programs, tips, and insights. Let’s get started!

Esports in Education

Electronic sports competitions used to be a hobby at its best. Being viewed as a waste of time, they were often referenced to as a “teen thing” that should eventually die out. However, what happened instead is that esports are becoming a massive trend with many perspectives and many vacant spots.

The academic landscape constantly expands and follows the demands and needs of society. That’s why it’s not surprising that colleges have what to offer to people who are interested in the niche. Scholarships and degree programs in esports are now more common and ordinary than they used to be before.

However, colleges or universities are not the only organizations that provide education in electronic sports. Private organizations, online courses, training camps, professionals that became tutors – there are many things you can learn about electronic sports, and the way to do that depends on your needs and resources.

Esports Scholarships

Being a professional player with impressive achievements in the field can now be exceptionally advantageous. For example, there are numerous colleges that offer scholarships for successful gamers. Scholarships may cover tuition, housing, and even gaming accessories, providing esports participants with a comprehensive support system.

Indeed, scholarships are commonly offered to students who choose gaming-related or esports-related degrees and to those who demonstrate a high level of skills. For example, playing for a team in local competitions is a significant achievement that can be mentioned in the scholarship essay.

Industry Partnerships

Some of the scholarships can be a result of collaborations and partnerships. Some gaming hardware manufacturers, streaming platforms, and developers are willing to sponsor educational programs and partnerships as it allows them to contribute and improve their marketing.

There are also partnerships that can be held between a company and a particular student, for example, as a prize for winning a competition. These partnerships can cover tuition payments, housing, hardware, etc. Many players dream about partnering with huge developers or manufacturers as it not only helps cover the costs but also can create substantial career opportunities.

Academic Merit Scholarships for Esports

Some colleges provide traditional academic scholarships to esports players who succeed in their academics and playing, as they would do with any other sport. In the past, only football or basketball players would be able to use such an opportunity. But nowadays, the esports field is in a similar position. This fact reflects the growing influence of electronic sports as an honest and serious profession that requires strategic thinking and high intellect.

Esports Programs

If you would like to try yourself in the niche of electronic sports but don’t know which path to choose, you will surely appreciate the following list of possible programs to choose from. Be sure to check the websites of the colleges that you are interested in to learn more about the specific terms and college admissions.

Esports Management and Marketing

The niche of electronic sports is not only about fun. The business side of it would be impossible without proper and structured management. That’s why college degrees in esports management are very popular and cover such areas as event coordination, marketing and branding, team organization, etc.

Education in the field of esports business and economic ecosystem can be a perfect choice for those who are interested in public relations, branding, technologies, and event management.

Esports Science and Technology Programs

For high school graduates with a passion for technology and science, esports degrees also have something to offer. Indeed, the esports field is in constant need of people with expertise in the technical side of the gaming industry. Software developers, quality control specialists, analysts, and technologists – all of these people can get an education by choosing the esports degree and later find a prospective job in the field of gaming.

Esports Broadcasting and Journalism

The esports field also has its media side. For those who are interested in the media, broadcast, and journalism, some of the esports degree programs can be a great choice. Gaming matches are a real show with many people invested in the process of managing the event, highlighting it in media, organizing the stream, etc.

Game Desing and Development

The creative side of electronic sports, such as game/level design and development, needs more and more specialists – designers, engineers, and developers. As the niche is constantly growing, you will indeed find a spot that is interesting and allows you to build and improve your skills and career.

Future designers and developers can often be busy and overloaded. In this case, delegating some of the assignments would be a great choice. For example, an essay or a report of some kind, a math problem or a presentation. Choose what you need and we will complete it for you.

Overcoming Challenges in the Niche

Like any other segment of the economy, electronic sports surely have their own difficulties and challenges. When it comes to young fields like this, it’s hard to be exactly sure about further development. However, considering the current situation and the rapid growth, the majority of specialists agree that the future of esports is bright.

Here are a few things that you should know about the electronic sports field and its opportunities:

  • Esports scholarships and programs help nurture talents. Being a professional in this niche is a perfect way to put your talent to work, discover opportunities, and find your true passion.
  • Esports college programs produce talented players, developers, and tech specialists to allow the field of esports to develop and grow, helping the economy and tech progress.
  • Esports degrees create pathways for future careers for players, coaches, or behind-the-scenes specialists.

College Degree Challenges

However, studying esports is not all cake and butterflies. Surely, there are difficulties that an esports student would need to overcome, for example:

  • Fast industry evolution. It’s hard to study when everything changes so quickly. You might face difficulties with adjusting to the fast pace of development and thus lack of proper materials or updates.
  • Limited career pathways. Though we listed a wide range of programs and fields of knowledge that you can pursue. Being a game designer, for example, narrows your opportunities to the game field. Surely, there is nothing wrong with changing your direction in the future and learning more by taking various courses. However, it is something that you should be aware of.
  • Concerns about physical and mental health. Practical assignments and tournament schedules might have a negative impact. Such can be eye strain, low physical activity, and mental health difficulties such as stress and burnout.
  • Overcoming stereotypes. Many people view video games and electronic sports as things that are not serious or hard enough for someone to make it a career. Overcoming or dealing with such a stereotype might be mentally hard.


Scholarships and programs for esports study allow us to notice a change in how society sees and appreciates competitive gaming. Esports is no longer a hobby; it is now a serious topic of study with many specialists involved. Thus, studying esports is what can allow you to succeed as a student, specialist, talented person, and professional. Wishing the best of luck!