What You Should Do if Your Relationship Affects Your Studies

couple holding hands

Sometimes you might think that being a college student at an age when you fall in love so desperately and have so many interests and hobbies is quite unfair. And it is actually true and false at the same time: it’s a wonderful age that is meant to find your true passion but it’s also an age when you are capable of studying the most. So, it’s not an unusual thing for a student to have a love life. But what if it is really affecting your studies, your productivity, and your performance? Here are a few pieces of advice from us.

#1. Talk to Your Significant Other

 No matter what the issue or problem is, it’s always better to address it and discuss it with your partner as soon as possible. If you feel like you need to concentrate on your studies more, tell them that. Don’t make them feel guilty about that just discuss the situation – you need more time for your studies, there is a situation that you think might have long-lasting consequences in the future, you want to graduate your college successfully, etc. 

If your partner cares about you and your future he or she will surely understand, just make sure you don’t push on them and don’t make them look like the reason why you fail some home assignments – blame the situation, not the person. 

Surely, the way you go through thick and thin depends only on you two. It’s great when you and your partner can come to a compromise and solve the issue. It’s not always the case, though. But the way you address it when talking to your partner also matters a lot. So, try to find the right words.

#2. Plan Your Time Together

When you both don’t have much time you can spend together, it’s important to make the most out of your dates. For example, you might want to plan each date in detail – when you are meeting, what you want to do together, which places you want to visit, etc.

It’s better to buy the tickets ahead if you plan on visiting a museum or movie – make sure you put that in your calendar and plan your week around that meeting. That way you know for sure when you are out with your significant other and when you should complete your homework. Planning your dates means bringing organization to your schedule and leaving the needed time for your daily chores and tasks.

The opposite situation, when you just text and meet whenever you feel like it, makes you postpone your studies, break deadlines, and have no structure to your daily plan. 

#3. Study Together

When you are in a healthy relationship, you can always trust your partner with something important – in this case with studies. You know for sure that your college assignments are crucial to be done, and your partner should respect that as well as your time. That’s where you can combine the two – your relationship and your studies. 

Studying together is a great way to spend your time together. Though it might not seem as fun, it’s can be if you make it so. You can create quizzes for each other, ask each other questions, read aloud together, etc. You will more likely enjoy these study sessions if you are with the person you like, so why not try?

#4. Take Time Off

Sometimes you don’t have another option but to take a few months off and concentrate on your studies. Many couples take a break when they have their final ahead and it is one of the options that really work. Not everyone is ready for commitment or a serious crisis in the relationship, so many couples break up for good also. But you are the one who should decide and make priorities.

If you feel like there is nothing you can do to catch up with your studies unless you don’t spend time with your partner, then it is what you should do. Especially, if your partner doesn’t care much about the issues you address.

There are cases when partners want attention and don’t care about your life outside of the relationship, about your responsibilities, goals, or even your health. This is the type of relationship that is toxic and should be ended up even if you are in love. Remember that a caring and loving partner will surely respect your right and your need to study. Moreover, a good partner will support you and help you out whenever you feel down or overwhelmed.

#5. Catch Up During Meals and Breaks

If you really miss each other but don’t have much spare time, you can use your breaks to catch up and chat. It is especially effective if you are attending the same learning institution or live not far from each other.

Share your meals and spend some time together while getting to the campus – even these short meetings will surely uplift your spirit. It’s quite easy to feel lonely and limited when you know you can’t see each other a lot, but the strategy of finding little time now and then to be together will surely benefit your relationship. And it will not hurt the time you spend on your studies as it is just a little break that you would take anyways.

Wrapping Up

Balancing your love life and your studies might be difficult. But it all depends on you and the person you are dating as sometimes you need a situation just like that to discover what your partner is like to the fullest. So, make sure you put effort into making the most out of your college years – study, prepare for exams, have fun, and don’t let someone ruin this experience for you. And if you need some extra help with your homework, you can turn to our team. We will be glad to take some of the weight off of your shoulders and ease your life.