How Is College Writing Different From High School


Modern world study is more complicated than before. Most people think that student life is the best life to live, and after that, it becomes complicated. Though we cannot argue with the best life purpose, the statement is not totally true.

Students these days face huge study pressure, and the professors are ensuring that students are always under pressure. There is a reason behind this tough situation for the students.

The contemporary job market is not very convincing for people, and the increasing population is becoming a problem for students to get jobs.

This is why the professors are trying to ensure the fact that students get expert enough in their educational life to get their desired jobs.

However, as the notion of a college student differs from that of school students, writing style and quality also differ. In addition, when you are going to college by completing your school, you are probably entering into a new world with greater opportunities.

But school is a step to take in college, and this works like a ladder in our life. So, we cannot skip one or its importance in our life. So, here we are going to deal with the differences in dealing with the writing process between college students and school students.

An essay is a better way to understand writing because it can consider the possible differences between both students.

Difference Between College Students And School Student Writing

Essays have all the qualities to ensure the differences between writers and their qualities. Well, we have found many differences in the writing process of college and school students.

It’s not only quality but several important factors that work in an essay writing process. If you want to understand what good essay writing can be, a proper college essay paper can be an example that is rich in quality and proper with style.

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They can also provide you with a school paper through which you can understand the differences on board.

Structural Difference

The structural difference is one of the most prominent differences that you can find between college and school essay papers.

School prefers a five-paragraph essay writing with short forms. On the other hand, the college strongly disagrees with this introduction, three supportive points, and the contusion process.

College essays depend on extensive research and thus do not depend on such a rigid structure. An essay is not just about putting information but also about imposing your thoughts on a particular topic.

In that case, the college does not believe in a particular five-paragraph structure. So, if you are a college student, get ready to give something extra and break free of the basic structural boundaries.

Requirement Of Thesis Statement

We all know that school essay topics are easier to go through than college essay topics. A complex topic needs complex processing. You cannot go as straight and easy as you could go in the school days.

Well, the school encouraged us to write the thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph with one sentence.

But the whole scenario changed with college essays. There is no such requirement, but you can still add the thesis statement at the top of your writing process.

However, it’s not necessary to complete your thesis statement within one sentence because, most of the time, it’s not possible to complete the statement with just one sentence and cover the whole point of the subject matter.

So, get ready to go extensive, and you can include two to three sentences as a thesis statement in a college essay.

Research Intensity

When a school student writes an essay paper, he or she depends on the traditional Google or Yahoo information. In colleges, you can also depend on these platforms, but your notion as a writer will completely change.

In a school essay paper, a teacher will accept your essay based on the information you have imposed in the particular paper, but that will not be all for a college student.

College papers are mostly argumentative, and thus only the traditional information will not be enough, but you have to go deep into the subject matter and find out the scholarly level of the source material.

With the research intensity, the whole paper makes a difference. So, when you are going for college essays, make sure that you have managed to ensure extensive research from Google scholar with the help of pre-existing research papers.

Difference In Arguments

The tone, as well as arguments in both research papers, will drastically change if you look deeply into both of those papers.

For instance, the teachers are not very familiar with argumentative topics. But on the other hand, professors are more into arguments, and they want their students to be efficient in dealing with different arguments.

And you will also get the opportunity to critique and expose your own thoughts in the college research papers. At the same time, the school students are more into just information and straightforward arguments with fewer controversies in the writing tone.

Professors Are Different From Teachers

Of course, these two are educational institutions, but there is a big difference in the dealing between schools and colleges.

The professors always look forward to making their students efficient with their thought processes. Whereas in schools, teachers do not get enough opportunity to deal with students’ thought processes because they are not mature enough to impose their own thoughts on the papers.

Thus the teachers try to be in the safe zone and prepare simple criteria for the students to complete their school essays.

On the other hand, college is an area to explore the students better, and the professors ensure the fact quite efficiently. They push their students to go argumentative and show their best to ensure a better paper with critical topics.

In colleges, essay papers are not about solving problems but rather following a controversial and difficult topic and writing with a unique thought process.

Apart from that, writing quality, style, grammar, and also tone increase in college writing.