Ultimate Tips on Writing Lab Reports

Lab reports are an important part of all laboratory courses, including Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Natural Science, and usually a significant part of your grade. A lab report is your chance to show what you did in your experiment, what you learned and what the results meant. When preparing a report, it is always important to […]

Scholarship Essay Tips: Write a Winning One

Your scholarship essay is easily the most important part of your entire application. It’s probably the only part of the application which makes you stand out from other applicants. Most applicants will meet the same basic requirements: good grades, well-rounded extracurricular activities, and decent test scores. So congratulations…you’re just like everyone else! Until the reviewers […]

Book Critique Writing: Play It Cool

Are you feeling stressed about that book critique assignment? No need to worry. Here are the steps to creating a book critique you can be proud of. What Is a Book Critique? A book critique is different from a book report, which is a simple and straightforward summary of the book. In a critique, you […]