Beyond Traditional Structures: Innovative Approaches to Essay Writing for Generation Z

The zeitgeist theory of Georg W. F. Hegel denotes that societal, cultural, and political changes affect an era’s creativity. From a grander scale, we can look at the Renaissance, where the awakening brought about new artists.

However, if we look at GenZ and how their perspective on art and creativity is shifting from what was conventional even a decade ago, the zeitgeist theory is the first thing that comes to mind.

Are we approaching another Renaissance of the new millennium (Staring at 2000)? Let us discuss this further with the help of a simple theory of essay writing.

Now, essays are the bread and butter of every academic life. Whether one is at the primary level learning to write essays or doing their PhDs. Finding and researching through topics, and providing your own take on them, is the majority of what an academic life comprises.

In this excerpt below, we will discuss the changes in essay writing from what it was traditionally known as and how the GenZs changed the narrative.

How Is Essay Writing Changing

Essay writing goes from an excerpt of monotony to a well-characterized conversation piece for the teachers to read and like. These are some of the conveniences for creativity that the new GenZ essay writing era brings.

1. Creativity Is More Appreciative

Your essay does have to be a pour of paraphrasing facts and figures. Yes, they can provide the reader with information, but it no longer sparks their interest. Professors are less likely to mark you solely on the thickness of your paper if it lacks character.

On the other hand, they are less likely to deduct marks just because you placed a creative, witty remark on your essay. Sometimes, your entire essay could take a creative turn rather than being too technical.

Creativity also comes with originality and uniqueness. This means you give your teacher something to read, which they might find in other papers.

2. It Is Okay Not To Be Conventional

Creativity can take a few turns, and one of those bends might be unconventional. The best part about creativity is how it can open doors to new thoughts. Many are coming up with ideas that do not reflect the traditional viewpoint of society, and we are finding college essays portraying that ideology.

Unconventional topics can be a little tricky, and it can irk a few professors. Therefore, it is better to present your humble opinion in a much-reformed manner rather than to bombard your opinion with radicalism.

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3. A Way To Express One Self

Essays are no longer just a part of getting more marks; they have also become a paper of expression. Upon speaking to a few professors, we have come to the steady conclusion that there are few essays that talk about dry facts impassively throughout.

Most of the research papers they have read consisted of different viewpoints, and all in all, a piece of the writer attached to the words. Essays submitted by GenZs are filled with passion, and they pour their true emotions into the paper.

4. A Plethora Of Perspectives

One of the pioneer reasons why essays are getting more interesting as each day passes is because of the different perspectives on the subject matter.

Forget about different essays; GenZs, particularly, hate to be black and white. Therefore, you will find good writers who perfectly place each side of the argument. You might have something new to read with every turn of a page.

5. Modern Topics

There is a noticeable shift in the subject matters regarding essays. Although there are some who are still indulging in historical topics, there is a modern take when it comes to the opinions presented.

Other than that, some of the new-modern GenZ topics will include the new political and social movement, which brings about changes unimagined in any other century.

Gen Z & Their Characteristics

Here are some of the dynamic shifts in characteristics regarding the GenZs. The shift could be due to the changing time that is brought about by the digital era.

1. More Accepting

The defining trait of GenZ is acceptance. It is like the entire generation is a crowd of outcasts trying to make their name in society. They claim to be different and accepting of other differences as well.

Even if comprehension is difficult, they try to understand the reason behind the difference. Rather than judging, they are more interested in reasoning and logical thinking.

2. …But….More Radical

However, GenZs overall are more radical with their personal beliefs. They are less likely to bend through the conventions of society and would rather have their own opinion put forward.

Aspects like political fear, societal scrutiny, or parental autonomy are less among GenZs. This is what brings about radical thoughts. They are more aware of social causes and issues the world faces, especially from a very young age.

3. A Grey Area

Every subject matter has a gray area for the GenZs to explore. No matter how serious or humorous it is.

This is because of their characteristics to turn the unturned pages, find new dimensions, and explore hidden facts. They are believers and skeptics, not believing the first thing they see or hear.

4. A Unique Perspective For The Mundane

GenZ has the capability to take a simple topic and turn it interesting with its unique perspective. They think beyond the simplicity of things and have something new to say.

This is probably because they are more attached to their inner feelings and rarely see things as they are.

5. More Individualism

Recently Genzs have spoken highly of their individualism and how they can be a part of a community and yet be themselves.

Concepts like self-love, self-care, self-acceptance, and validating one’s own feelings are quite high on their priorities. If you read a well-written essay by a GenZ, you will find instances where this is reflected.

More GenZ Subjects To Cover For Your Next Essay

If GenZ subjects intrigue you, then here are some easy topics that can help you explore the matter more. Before we proceed, know that these can be slightly controversial, so your approach should be worth the read.

1. Gen Z & Their Take On Mental Health

GenZ is the generation that has openly spoken about mental health problems and their perils more openly than anyone in other centuries. Since they are more interlined with their inner conscience, and feelings, they hone the confidence to talk about it openly. They are much aware of the different mental states and conditions one might suffer from.

However, is it reaching a point of over-saturation at some point, while there are other areas where awareness is remote? Does social media have a role to play in terms of mental health awareness, and are we really there yet?

These are some of the common subjects of mental health which you could cover in your next essay.

2. From Convention To Convenience – Same-Sex Marriage

A very controversial subject indeed, and after years of legality for the USA and now other countries following, there are still turning heads. So, when you are placing a take on this subject, you have to cover a few perspectives.

Do not try to make your research paper a radical manifesto of what is right and what is not. Try to get into the scientific or even psychological side of this matter. You can talk about the political take and cover the different debates from an unbiased point of view.

3. GenZs Take On Gender & Sex

Acceptance is bringing subjects like gender and sexuality quiet on the overt view. Gender dysmorphia is not a subject of taboo anymore; it is being talked about. Therefore, it is interesting to explore how one sees the surge.

Before you proceed with this subject with this essay, know that there is an air of non-judgment, intolerance, and radicalism all mixed in one. Therefore, do not opt for the subject if you will have a difficult time understanding them.

Start with understanding the concept yourself. Before beginning to write, try taking surveys and more first-hand opinions. Divide your paper into explaining the scientific side of sex and how this generation is opening up more about the gender binary constructs which leads to stereotypes.

4. Too Many Opinions? Or Not Enough

This is by far the most interesting subject for your essay because there is so much to talk about. To begin with,

  • The contradicting nature of a Genz and how their opinions are subject to change depending on the trends.
  • How they are often talking about acquiring different opinions. However, whenever they are asked to accept one quite different from theirs, jumping to defense mode is quite common.
  • Their lack of fear of social scrutiny and the good and bad in it.
  • With the pressure of being a unique individual with ever more unique opinions, how is the school structure changing?
  • Opinions & their influence in terms of peer pressure among the GenZ.