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how to write powerful sentences
June 28, 2015 General Writing

The Art Of Writing Powerful Sentences

Whether you’re a fiction writer, a journalist or a web content writer, you want your sentences to capture people’s attention. And for that, you need to write powerful sentences that spark curiosity and drive them to continue reading. If
writing in education tips
June 21, 2015 Education

Writing In Education: Tips and Resources

When you think about academic writing, what words come to mind? Inaccessible, stuffy and boring are some of the words I think of. Writing is a difficult craft no matter which genre you choose, but academic writing presents a special set of
storytelling for fiction
June 14, 2015 General Writing

10 Storytelling Tricks For Fiction Writing

The difference between telling a story and storytelling is simple. Telling a story relates the facts to your reader, but storytelling makes a tale come alive. Below you’ll find 10 tricks to help you incorporate storytelling techniques into your writing