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develop writing style
April 26, 2015 General Writing

Developing Your Writing Style

Sometimes, you can come across a piece of writing in a magazine or a book, and, without looking at the author’s name already know who wrote it. Who else but J.D. Salinger could write such agonizingly existential yet scorchingly judgmental phrases?
college essay writing tips
April 12, 2015 Essay Writing

10 Essay Writing Tips For College Students

Freshman college students often feel overwhelmed by the new set of expectations on their essay writing. What earned them praise in high school may no longer meet the criteria of their college professors. Though the learning curve may be steep, students
writing career myths
April 6, 2015 General Writing

Writing Career: Unvarnished

One of my favorite lines about writing comes from the lips of the sleazy American entertainment lawyer in Bertolucci’s bohemian film Stealing Beauty. Upon meeting the daughter of a famous poet, the lawyer muses, “I think it would be great to