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how to become a successful writer
March 28, 2015 General Writing

How To Become a Successful Writer

How many people out there dream of becoming successful writers? How many of those people actually achieve that dream? And what separates one group from the other? There are many elements to becoming a successful writer. And talent, as Stephen King
how to become a faster writer
March 15, 2015 General Writing

7 Tricks To Make You a Faster Writer

In case there were any doubts, we live in the age of instant gratification. Everyone wants everything right now. There are hundreds of blogs out there on time management with tips on being more productive, on squeezing more out of your day.
how to write your first novel
March 9, 2015 General Writing

For Those Writing Their First Novel

Wow! Is this really the year you’re going to sit down and finally write your first novel? You’re all geared up, ready to rock ‘n roll, fingers poised over the keyboard waiting to channel your creative muse. There’s just one wee problem…