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the most misused english words
December 28, 2014 General Writing

Be Aware of the Most Misused English Words

There are many misused words in the English language. Through repetition, the misuse becomes more widespread. Whether you’re trying to write a great essay or report, nail an interview or simply impress your readers, proper use of the English language
writing for inspiration
December 21, 2014 General Writing

How Writing Feeds Your Inspiration

Ahhhh, inspiration. That moment when the rest of the world falls away and all that’s left is you and the perfect sequence of words, like the unveiling of a mystery, the solving of a puzzle, everything all of the sudden just fits.
non-fiction books to read this winter
December 6, 2014 College

10 Non-Fiction Books to Read This Winter 2014-2015

With the short days of winter having arrived, we’ve turned our attention to compiling a list of reading material to get writers through until spring. There’re lots of great books to choose from, so we’ve shortlisted this selection of 10 non-fiction